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Who Are We?

Jeff Wetherhold
Jeff Wetherhold, M.Ed.
Co-founder and CEO

Jeff Wetherhold is a process improvement coach and trainer who specializes in helping organizations build and support healthier communities. He co-founded Ohia Advisors to provide organizations with a stronger connection to the improvement techniques and scientific knowledge needed to ensure the health and safety of their teams. This work builds on 15 years of experience in process improvement, instruction, research, and evaluation in the health care and education sectors.

Jeff has supported a broad range of health care education and improvement work over the course of his career. He is a current faculty member and previous staff member with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston, MA. He has served as a staff member, consultant, and instructor for health care and education organizations including Upstream USA, Health Leads, Jobs for the Future, and the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation. 

Jeff holds a B.A. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Delaware and a Master of Education degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 



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Laura Maliszewski, Ph.D.
Co-founder and Principal Scientist

Dr. Laura Maliszewski is a virologist, senior research administrator and expert in innovation systems. Her work on infectious viruses has included drafting infection control protocols and providing oversight of training for researchers.

In 2012, Dr. Maliszewski co-founded the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology and the Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science at Harvard Medical School. She oversees the research, education and outreach activities of these programs which combines computational modeling and precise measurement to understand drug action in humans. Prior to returning to Harvard, Maliszewski served as an Officer in the Science and Innovation Network of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Dr. Maliszewski holds a B.S. in Biotechnology from the University of Delaware and a Ph.D. in Virology from the Harvard Division of Medical Sciences where she studied the perturbation of microRNAs during HIV infection of primary lymphocytes.

In addition to her role as Executive Director of the Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science and its Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology, Dr. Maliszewski Co-Directs the Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science and is a Lecturer on Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School.

What's In A Name?

We're glad that you asked! The ohia (oh-hee-uh) is a species of evergreen native to Hawai'i. Ohias are known for their resilience and are typically the first plants to return in an ecosystem that has been disrupted by a lava flow. We seek to support that kind of resilience in our clients.
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