A clearer view of improvement

“A plan without action is not a plan. It’s a speech.” 

- T. Boone Pickens

And we would add: Your team can tell the difference.
At Ohia Advisors, we help our clients translate their plans into action and accomplishment. Our work draws on decades of experience in process improvement, management, and evaluation.
We work with health care facilities, employers, governments, and community-based organizations. In the 2020s, much of this work has focused on helping teams maintain the health and safety of their staff, clients, and communities during COVID-19. We integrate scientific and infection control expertise into our services to provide clients with strategies that have been proven effective in health care and professional settings.

Recent Projects

Providing process improvement training and coaching to support a statewide effort to improve health equity related to COVID-19.
Working with an urban HIV clinic to build a portfolio of improvement projects to improve the quality and reliability of patient care.
Supporting regional networks of long-term care facilities in integrating process improvement with evidence-based practices to support the health and safety of their residents, staff, and communities.
Helping long-term care organizations apply the principles of trauma-informed care to improve staff satisfaction and retention.
Working with municipal government to provide educational support to small businesses for safe operations during COVID-19.
Supporting businesses in developing and implementing safe return-to-work plans during COVID-19.
Coaching businesses and health care organizations on strategies to address vaccine hesitancy among staff.

Our Approach


We build on our clients' strengths, pinpoint unmet needs, and determine what changes can have the greatest impact. This includes generating goals and metrics for short-term wins and long-term success.


We believe that durable improvement requires active engagement from all levels of an organization. We provide training for groups and individuals on how they can contribute to their team's learning and growth.

Coaching and Consultation

The strongest plans benefit from iteration, so we help our clients learn continuously. We work with teams to help them sustain their processes over time.

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About Us

Ohia Advisors is a consultancy committed to building stronger teams and healthier communities through process improvement.
We help our clients empower more of their staff to raise challenges and contribute to solutions. By learning more intentionally from one another, their teams see improved outcomes and stronger staff engagement.

Unfortunately, a lot of process improvement training leaves the learner behind. It prioritizes theory over application and jargon over clarity. It can be done better, and our clients have seen the results.

If your team needs a clearer view of the path to improvement, we are here to help.
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